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Monetary Donations to the VALLEYLIFE Foundation

The VALLEYLIFE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that was formed in 1992 to "solely expand, improve and maintain VALLEYLIFE." VALLEYLIFE Foundation was started with modest donations from individuals with the purpose of providing long-term financial stability for VALLEYLIFE. VALLEYLIFE Foundation is the sole recipient of funds generated by VALLEYLIFE events and undesignated donations. Funding from VALLEYLIFE Foundation is used to provide unfunded needs for VALLEYLIFE Members. While these unfunded needs may not be essential for life, they are essential for ensuring the enhanced quality of life our VALLEYLIFE Members deserve. (Donations to VALLEYLIFE Foundation are not eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Please see the 'Make a TAX CREDIT Eligible Donation' section if you plan to take advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.)




Monetary Donation to the Bernice Kussell Society


You can donate to the Bernice Kussell Society, named after our founder. The Bernice Kussell Society is part of the VALLEYLIFE Foundation which supports VALLEYLIFE by funding Member needs that are not covered by traditional sources. Click here for more information about the Bernice Kussell Society.

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