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Bernice Kussell could not have predicted the accomplishments that would come from the program she loved and nurtured in her home. She understood that her endeavors would create an environment of hope for children and adults with disabilities. The degree of excellence and support Mrs. Kussell strove for can only be achieved with a community of supporters who are just as dedicated to her vision of enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. 

In recognition of the importance of collaboration, as well as your commitment to supporting our Members and the work we do, we founded the Bernice Kussell Society. The Bernice Kussell Society is part of the VALLEYLIFE Foundation, which supports VALLEYLIFE by funding Member needs that are not covered by traditional funding sources. 


At VALLEYLIFE, we are committed to treating our Members with respect, dignity, and the highest standard of care. Despite the challenges of limited resources and an increased demand for services, we remain dedicated to our mission of enhancing the lives of people with disabilities so they may thrive. Your Society gift will help us provide the superior programs and services our Members need and deserve.

Donors will be welcomed to the Bernice Kussell Society Society after a minimum annual gift of $1000.

Membership includes invitations to special donor events, including the annual Friends of VALLEYLIFE Luncheon, and recognition in the VALLEYLIFE Honor Roll of Donors. Members will also be invited to special Salons ('gatherings of people held to increase the knowledge of those attending through conversation') and have the opportunity to meet with keynote speakers, celebrities, and researchers in the field of physical, developmental, and mental disabilities.

Join the Bernice Kussell Society today and become part of this special group of individuals who recognize the urgent need to provide the resources necessary to support community members with disabilities. Your annual contribution will provide undesignated funds to meet unexpected needs which are not covered by the Agency's budget or by a specific fund.



You may make an outright gift of $1000 or more, or sign a pledge commitment to make a gift of $1000 or more within the fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th). Gifts can be made by cash, credit card, corporate matching gifts, and/or securities. Payment plans can also be arranged.

Membership gifts are exclusive of other gifts made in support of special events or capital campaigns, are active for one year, and are renewable annually.

In addition,

  • A contributor and spouse whose combined annual gift equals $1000 or more will be eligible for a joint membership.

  • An individual, living or deceased, may be recognized as a Society member through a qualifying gift made in his or her honor.

  • Corporate contributions qualify for membership.

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